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Moving Forward - 08.28.17

It's been a tough week so Rob is going to discuss what is going on in his world and what we can do moving forward.

Moving Forward - 08.14.17

Today on Moving Forward we will be discussing the politics surrounding
the National Football League with our guest Eric Draitser.

Eric Draitser is an independent political analyst, editor of, and host of Counterpunch Radio.  His work focuses
primarily on politics, geopolitics, and the role of imperialism in the
modern world.  Draitser’s articles have appeared in many publications
both in the US and internationally, and have been translated into more
than a dozen languages.  He is a regular contributor to Counterpunch,
TeleSur, CCTV, WBAI, and a variety of other media outlets. His work on
the origins and evolution of the conflict in Ukraine was recently
featured in the Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and
Anti-Imperialism, and he was featured in the 2017 40th Anniversary
edition of Project Censored. You can find exclusive content including
podcasts, articles, audio and video commentaries, poetry and more at He is based in New York City.


Moving Forward - 07.31.17

Today on Moving Forward we discuss how Abrupt Climate Change is here
right now, and what are the consequences of it with Kevin Hester.

Kevin Hester is a first generation New Zealander born to Irish
Republican immigrants, both of whose parents were born into and became
part of the movement to free Ireland from the yoke of British
imperialism. His maternal grandfather completed a 28 day hunger strike
in prison after being caught with illegal weapons in 1920. As a result
of their involvement in the struggle both strands of the family were
forced for various reasons to become members of the Irish diaspora
strewn around the world.  In 1979, at the age of 19 he became involved
in both the anti-nuclear movement and the NZ campaign to isolate the
apartheid regime from business and sporting contacts with NZ. A love
of the oceans led Hester to become an ocean sailor and he has
completed 16 ocean passages and hundreds of coastal yacht races.
Hester became a full time climate and environmental activist after the
catastrophic earthquake, tsunami and subsequent triple melt downs at
Fukushima Daiichi and now spends his waking hours researching the
unravelling of the biosphere, blogging at his website KEVINHESTER.LIVE
and speaking publicly about the dire circumstances we now find
ourselves in. He lives in an off grid, solar powered house on a small
Island in the Hauraki Gulf off the coast of the North Island in
Aotearoa New Zealand.