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Moving Forward - 07.23.18

Our guest today is Dr. Bones.  Dr. Bones is a conjurer, gonzo reporter and egoist-communist. His narrative journalism, found at Gods and Radicals and his website 'The Conjure House,' combines sorcerous metaphysics with insurrectionary anarchism. He also has written a book titled 'Curse Your Boss, Hex the State, Take Back the World,' where he weaves these themes into a stirring critique of modern society with a call for occult rebellion. Bones is one half of 'The Guillotine,' a revolutionary news and call-in show co-hosted with Breht from Revolutionary Left Radio that is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing podcasts on the Left. He lives in Florida where he eats alligator, gets drunk in forgotten towns, and shits pure sunshine.


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Moving Forward - 07.09.18

Today we discuss the life of Kevin Hester in hopes that his life can inspire us to lead a more meaningful live. 
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