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Moving Forward - The Military and Moving Forward With a Former Marine Veteran.

Luke Lafko is a social justice/anti-war activist currently residing in the state of Florida. He currently works as an employment counselor with people who are educationally and/or economically disadvantaged. Luke believes passionately that we must not forgot about those segments of our society that the greater whole of our intuitions either simply forgets or neglects. In Luke’s time working in social services and his time engaging in social justice movements, he feels strongly that there is a disconnect between public opinion and public policy. Luke’s is also about to graduate with his dual bachelor’s degree in Public policy & Criminal justice focusing his attention on bringing a voice to the otherwise voiceless and assisting those within his surrounding communities navigate the public policy arena.

Luke is also former US Marine who has been on two combat deployments to Iraq. It is important to remember, as Luke likes to say, that he did not join the military out of patriotism, nationalism or any other abstraction; Luke enlisted into the military because he was languishing in a rust belt town that offered little drive and excitement. In part, Luke didn’t take into account the gravity of his hasty decision to join the US Marine Corp and soon found himself in a far off desert land participating in one of the greatest immoral wars of the 21st century. Luke has since denounced the war on terror, the war in Afghanistan and of course the war in Iraq. While Luke has lived within the relationship between US Empire and the global war on terrorism, he understands that its relationship between the two that, more often than not, offers the world a reservoir of newly created terrorist organizations, among all others both organizationally and individually, who have suffered as a result of strong arming its foreign policy. For Luke, for every regional problem, both foreign and domestic, is viewed as a nail with the military being the hammer; and that is a problem he maintains his focus on. War is an economy. War is a racket; and with booming arms sales comes a series of events that are certainly unpredictable.

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Moving Forward - 10.08.18

Today we are going to do something different with the show.  Rob will be reviewing a musical album with a mixture of playing music from the album and providing commentaries several songs on the album.  The album Rob will be reviewing is called Kids which was recently released by the band The Midnight.  This album epitomizes what is going on the world and what we can do moving forward.