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Moving Forward - 10.23.17

October 23, 2017
Today we are to be discussing White Supremacy with Robin Harris and Mike Sliwa.
Robin Harris is a social justice Activist, writer, poet, Public Speaker and minister. Texas Native, Robin currently lives in Florida where she is fights alongside other activists in Organize Florida. She ahs spoken at several press conferences and rally. Robin also organizes and assists in many community events.  Civil Disobedience is also accredited to her. Approximately one month after the horrific shooting at Pulse night club in Orlando, Fl, Robin along with 9 others were arrested at Marco Rubio's office.   Robin and 23 other activist received arrest in Tampa Florida during a protest for economic and wage rights!  Earlier this year Robin and 23 others were arrested in Washington D.C. in front of the White House as a means protest against Trumps administration Healthcare policy. 
She continues to speak up for racial justice and against all types of discrimination and intersectional issues.
Robin along with other members have taken on lobbying duties in Washington D.C. and Tallahassee, Florida. Currently she has launched socio-political forums that engage conversation  within the local community. Robin plans to be politically involved in the near future. Also she has desire is to be able to travel and speak to empower various groups. She would like to one day in work in international activism and politics.
Mike Sliwa is the author of Chasing a Different Carrot, A Manifesto for the Predicament of Privilege and former cohost of Nature Bats Last here on PRN. Mike and his wife live in an off grid intentional community in New Mexico. He has written for the Good Men Project, Resilience, Transition Voice and Generation Alpha. Mike has given two TEDx Talks and has presented at various universities and conferences including the White Privilege Conference. You can follow Mike’s work on his YouTube channel, Your Local White Guy.
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