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Moving Forward - 10.08.18

Today we are going to do something different with the show.  Rob will be reviewing a musical album with a mixture of playing music from the album and providing commentaries several songs on the album.  The album Rob will be reviewing is called Kids which was recently released by the band The Midnight.  This album epitomizes what is going on the world and what we can do moving forward.

Moving Forward - 09.24.18

Today we are joined by Matthew Lyons, the author of the book Insurgent Supremacists: The U.S. Far Right's Challenge to State and Empire to talk about his book and Far Right Movements in the United States.
Matthew Lyons has been writing about right-wing politics for over 25 years.  His work focuses on the interplay between right-wing movements and systems of oppression, and responses to these movements by leftists, liberals, and the state.  He writes regularly for Three Way Fight, a radical antifascist blog, and his work has also appeared in the Guardian, New Politics, Socialism and Democracy, teleSUR, Upping the Anti, and other publications.
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Moving Forward - 08.20.18

Anthony DiMaggio has a Ph.D from the University of Illinois at Chicago and is an Assistant Professor of Political Science, with a focus on media, social movements, inequality, and politics at Lehigh University.  He is the author of the books The Politics of Persuasion:  Economic Policy and Media Bias in the Modern Era, and Selling War, Selling Hope: Presidential Rhetoric, the News Media and U.S. Foreign Policy Since 9/11.  You can find more of Anthony’s writings in CounterPunch, TruthOut and Salon.


Today we are going to be discussing Anthony’s upcoming book Rebellion in America: Citizen Uprisings, the News Media, and the Politics of Plutocracy.  

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Moving Forward - 08.06.18

Today we have a conversation with Patrick Farnsworth about what is going on in the world and what we can do moving forward.
Patrick Farnsworth produces weekly released episodes for the podcast Last Born In the Wilderness, a project that covers a wide array of subjects from psychedelic research, radical political ideas, philosophy of consciousness, geopolitics, climate change, and reflections on the unique and perilous times we find ourselves in.  Speaking with a wide array of individuals from experts in their fields to close friends, in order to provide context and understanding not only for himself, but for those that choose to listen to his work.  His website is
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Moving Forward - 07.23.18

Our guest today is Dr. Bones.  Dr. Bones is a conjurer, gonzo reporter and egoist-communist. His narrative journalism, found at Gods and Radicals and his website 'The Conjure House,' combines sorcerous metaphysics with insurrectionary anarchism. He also has written a book titled 'Curse Your Boss, Hex the State, Take Back the World,' where he weaves these themes into a stirring critique of modern society with a call for occult rebellion. Bones is one half of 'The Guillotine,' a revolutionary news and call-in show co-hosted with Breht from Revolutionary Left Radio that is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing podcasts on the Left. He lives in Florida where he eats alligator, gets drunk in forgotten towns, and shits pure sunshine.


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Moving Forward - 07.09.18

Today we discuss the life of Kevin Hester in hopes that his life can inspire us to lead a more meaningful live. 
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Moving Forward - 06.26.18

Today on Moving Forward we are discussing the nonfiction in fictional stories with author Vanessa Blakeslee.
VANESSA BLAKESLEE is the author of a forthcoming book that is a collection of short stories called Perfect Conditions.  We are going to discuss this book with her today, so we can get a glimpse into her worldview. Vanessa’s writing has appeared in The Southern Review, Green Mountains Review,
The Paris Review Daily, Kenyon Review Online, and elsewhere. Her novel Juventud won the
2015 IPPY Bronze Medal in Literary Fiction, was a finalist for Foreword Review’s Book of the Year,
and a runner-up for the Eric Hoffer Award. Her story collection Train Shots won the

2014 IPPY Gold Medal in Short Fiction. Find her online at
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Moving Forward - 06.04.18

Today on Moving Forward we conclude our series called The Conversation We Need To Have with Mike Sliwa.

Moving Forward - 05.07.18

Today is part one of our two part series called The Conversation We Need To Have.
This is a 2013 talk from Uhuru Solidarity Chairman Omali Yeshitela.  
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Moving Forward - 04.02.18

Today on Moving Forward we will be listening to an interview on Extinction Radio between Rob, William Hawes, and Mike Ferrigan.  For more information on Extinction Radio please go to
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